Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Old Flame.

Recently I traded my Xbox 360 for a Playstation 2. Now before you spout blasphemy and condemn me to video game hell, I have to let you know: I am a PS fanboy. I've never cared for Microsoft's consoles. I never really got into the original Xbox, and, after having already owned a Playstation 3 for some time, I finally took the plunge and went to pick up and Xbox 360. I was thoroughly unimpressed. After a while, I was really missing my PS2 games, So I did the only sensible thing: traded my unused Xbox 360 for a system I will use. An old, Phat, Playstation 2.

Now, I'll be honest. There is really only one reason why I did this. What, you ask? What could possibly compel me to give up a current generation, HD Xbox 360 for something as antiquated as an original model PS2? The answer is quite simple.

Kingdom Hearts.

Yup. That game alone (well, that and a few others, RE4 comes to mind) is the reason. The first game I bought once I re-acquired the PS2 was... Metal Gear Solid 2... but the second game I bought was Kingdom Hearts. I love this game. The minute I booted it up, and I heard the Title menu background music, I was suddenly flooded with fond memories of staying up all hours of the night with my Sister and Brother-in-law, just playing for "a little bit longer, then we'll go to bed."

That is exactly what I've been doing.

Now, I don't have as much downtime to devote to it as I did when I was younger (family and work take up most of my time), But every chance I get I play it. Be it only for 15 minutes, an hour or a power session of 3 or more hours. This game will never get old to me.

I'm willing to overlook the horrible camera controls (L2 and R2 to rotate?! Really!?), and the bad lip synch. This game is such a wonderful experience that all the positives in it negate those two negatives.

This post was kind of a ramble, and I apologize. I just felt I owed my follower something new to read.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here's one for the kid in the back.... AKA my brother.

Kevin is gay. that is all.

Haha, not really.

So my intention was to start blogging again, but between work, the family, the band and assassin's creed 2, it's hard to find time! But I will do my best to blog about useless things that no one except my one follower will read.

That one follower is my brother. That's cool and all, but it would be cooler if it was someone I didn't know. Someone who was like, "Oh, I'll follow this guy because his posts are cool." But no. It's just the obligatory, "Okay, I guess I'll follow you since we're related and I have to pretend to be nice to you."

I promise my next post will not be about my (lack of) followers. It will probably be about video games or something.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Back. But unfortunately, Not in Black

So I have decided to start my blog back up. After not doing anything on it for over a year, I figured "why not?"

I don't have much to say at this moment, but you can rest assured that I will be posting stuff in a similar vein as before. Video games, movies, and more of that ilk. Stay tuned.

...or else.