Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Brother's Blog Machine, or how I realized that I over use parentheses

So my older... I wouldn't say "wiser,"

.....OK let's try this:

So my older, wishes-he-was-wittier (not the city, hence the lack of "h" after the "w") brother has started his very own blogger blog (blogger blog... sounds a little redundant). You should go read it. It's just rants about things like politics and how dumb people are.

He did a good post about the stupid retards from some coalition for the advocacy of retards (yeah, I'm not PC; Deal with it) and how they are protesting the film "Tropic Thunder" for it's use of the word "retard." Go read it now. It's an interesting read.

Unless you're easily offended (aka right wing republican). Then don't read it. You'll just find another "anti-american" thing to rant about in your stupid forwarding emails that no one cares about.

here's the link