Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Thoughts on WALL-E

In this age of (crappy) sequels and (even crappier) remakes, finding a good movie to watch is like trying to find a needle in a planet made out of hay.

This past weekend, I found that needle, and it's name is WALL-E.

Pixar has yet again proved that they are some of the most talented people in the movie making industry, even after being bought by Disney. WALL-E is quite possibly one of the best movies I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, animated or otherwise.

even the poster designs are good

I won't go into details regarding the plot, but the movie delivers on every level, and also shows how talentless many actors are in Hollywood today, when an animated robot can show more emotion than an actual human actor.

This was not a formal review or anything, just my thoughts on this insanely good movie. I expect Disney will be whoring WALL-E's likeness out on everything they can, from toys to cereal boxes, to toilet paper. Can't wait for the Blu-Ray release. I'd easily give it a 10/10.

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Autumn said...

WALL-E was SO GOOD! I love you!
Of course disney is going to whore out WALL-E...and we will be buying some of that stuff they are whoring out Since Atticus loved it.